The Keys to Success

Small Individualized Practice

I keep my practice very small because you are not a number. I want to get to know you and your unique life and struggles so I can fully support you on your journey to health. Working as a nurse for over 11 years has taught me that each patient has a story and their stories matter and should shape how they are cared for. I find out your goals, your thoughts on your body, and use this to develop a multi phase plan that will truly bring you to wellness.

Combining Multiple Disciplines of Wellness

At Nourishing Wild Souls my approach works because of its unique use of multi-modalities (different techniques used together) combined with my commitment to high quality care. I use herbs and botanicals, homeopathy and vibration medicine and red light therapy all together to give you the best wellness outcomes. Often only looking at one of these disciplines may often some relief or short term relief but to have the best long term and complete results you need to look at multiple forms of wellness.

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What We Do

Assessment phase

The first visit is the longest visit. We sit down and discuss your wellness goals, your past wellness journey, things that have worked and things that haven’t. I’ll ask questions to get an understanding of what might be going on with your body.

Next, I use the BioScan to do energetic testing to search for imbalances in the body. What I check is based on our conversation and what your goals are. Some examples of imbalances I might check for include: your organs and body systems; imbalances related to bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, and yeast; as well as nutrition.

This can take more than one visit depending on what is going on with your body.

Making the Plan

Once I have an understanding of what is going on with your body we move to making a plan. And, while we aim to relieve your most troubling symptoms as soon as possible, our main goal is long term wellness. To fully heal the body can take some time.

This involves a combination of homeopathy, herbals and vibrational wellness, diet and lifestyle changes.

Your plan will usually be 6-12 months long and will include follow up visits to help you move through the plan and continue to adjust the plan to your unique goals and your body’s responses.

Wellness Plan Framework

Usually each plan involves 3-5 or more phases. Below is an example of a typical plan that I would then tailor to your specific imbalances and goals.

Phase 1: Drainage

In this phase we look at your drainage pathways. In your body you detox, remove toxins and waist through specific pathways: lymph, liver, lung, kidney and GI. If these pathways are blocked or sluggish the toxins and waste remain in your system to reabsorb and cause you more problems. It’s like a garden hose with a kink in it, the water backs up and can’t flow out. We need to make sure your pathways are flowing so that as we move onto the next phases toxins can be quickly eliminated.

Phase 2: Detox

In this phase we do a comprehensive full body detox. This removes any toxins that have built up in your body. I also add in liver support to help your liver through the detox process and decrease any detox symptoms you may experience.

Phase 3: Pathogenic support

Now that your drainage pathways are open, you have detoxed from toxins we move on to phase 3. I use the BioScan again to see what pathogens may be causing an imbalance in your system. I then use herbals, and traditional homeopathic remedies to bring your body back into balance. This phase is usually the longest and depends on what pathogens or toxins are stressing your body.

Phase 4: Healing

Once we have started removing toxins and other pathogens irritating the body we can start to rebuild. Think of it this way: you can’t build a house without first clearing the land. You need to make a driveway, remove some boulders and trees and make a flat area to build (very general metaphor, sorry if you’re a builder!).

I see many people who are taking wonderful supplements but they don’t work! That’s because their gut is still covered with yeast, or their body is still fighting parasites. It’s like throwing your building supplies into a forest and hoping a house appears. First we take the time to balance the body (clear the area), so that when we add in healing foods and supplements there is space and the body can actually use them.

So, now we heal your gut, build back up your nutritional stores and start your journey to living well.

Phase 5: Maintenance

In this phase you are feeling well. Usually you can add in a varied and robust diet (where as during healing you may need to have a more specific diet short term). You should need few supplements and remedies as your body is functioning well and able to work and heal itself.

Plan for periodic follow ups to maintain your progress. Continue to learn your body and what it needs: perhaps extra liver support after a time of eating more toxins, perhaps some adrenal support during times of stress.

I will be here to work with you as you continuing your wellness journey. And at any point that life happens and you feel yourself slipping from wellness you can come on back in and we can look for a root cause. Usually you bounce back much quicker as you know your body better and notice your symptoms more quickly.


The first visit is $150 and follow up visits are $75. Supplements are purchased separately. I do not take insurance.

Nourishing Wild Souls and the BioScan does not diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The views and stories here are the personal stories and views of the author and not claims of what the Bioscan can do for others.