Welcome! I’m Elizabeth!

I am a health enthusiast, adventurer and a mom of two little wild souls. I work hard to create health and balance in my family. But, man does this world make that hard!

To me BALANCE means: a balance between slowing down and going on adventures, a balanced diet and balance between work and connecting with family (whether the family you were born into or a family you created out of strong friendships).

But balance is hard in a world of stressors! Believe me I get it!

Bioscan can help identify and balance those food, environmental and other stressors in life so you can function your best and focus on what’s most important to you!

A little background on me

I graduated from Simmons College with my Bachelors degree in nursing in 2013. I have worked in Boston Massachusetts, California and New Hampshire in many different areas of nursing. My main focus has been in cardiac care spending most of my nursing career working on a cardiac step down unit.

I have always been interested in natural and healthy living, but since having my first child in 2018, I have taken a deep dive into that field. Most of my free time is spend researching nutrition and how to use food as medicine.

Personal Health Journey

Around 2 years old we started to notice my son had some differences. A speech delay, sensory differences and some difficulty with emotional regulation (aka large and frequent, and angry meltdowns). At the same time, he developed eczema and no matter what we did it seemed to get worse, progressing to large open and bleeding sores. We went to many doctors and dermatologist and the only thing we were given was steroid cream. Lots and lots of steroid cream. And a list of “safe” creams/lotions.

Well, this is not what I wanted my son’s story to be. So, I did a deep dive and radically changed how we ate. This, along with some OT and parent coaching and now he is PERFECT!

Oh wait maybe I am biased?! Ok, so he is a wild, energetic, adventurous and loving boy and that’s just how we like it over here! He loves reading, snuggling in and building (even if his only building materials are from his dinner plate). He still has big feelings, but we are able to work through those together. Thats what we call “normal”. Perfect isn’t normal lol!

But, that eczema didn’t go away. We had taken out all perservatives and dyes, was completly dairy, gluten and refind sugar free and making most of our food from scratch. Oh and of course tried to eat lots of fermented things for that gut health! We did that for TWO YEARS. Almost no improvement. Then we took at all of the top allergens AND lectins…guess what, still basically no improvement.

My son was hurting, and my heart was breaking. ENTER THE BIOSCAN.

family on a camping trip tending the fire and making a meal together as a camping activity for families

Why Bioscan?

First introduction to Bioscan

My first experience with Bioscan was back in 2008 before I had started my own nursing career. My sister was very sick with long term Lyme. After failing many medical treatments, she was still so sick she could barely eat much less work or take care of her two small children. We found a Bioscan provider in our town and decided to start treatment. We didn’t understand what it was and had no idea if it would work, but after trying everything else we thought, well why not?

Short story, after a few months of treatment my sister got her life back!

Fast Forward…Back to my story

Move up to 2021. My son who was soon to turn 3 years old was experiencing behavior issues as well as severe eczema. We went to many different doctors, tried different treatments. Did the whole deep dive into nutrition. Took out all food dyes, food additives, processed food, and refined sugar. We went completely gluten and dairy free for two years. Oh and if that wasn’t enough took at all lectins (if you know what a lectin is then you have definitely done the deep dive of nutrition with me!).

With that and the combination of some good OT and parent coaching we got into a great place with his behaviors and learned how to be the parents that he needed.

But the eczema was worse then ever. Just huge open bleeding patches all over his legs and arms. It just broke my heart. The only thing that semi-worked was a steroid cream, but even that wouldn’t take it away.

I was tired and my heart just ached for my little boy. We finally found an ART provider in our area that said she might be able to help his eczema. We went for it, and WOW! It wasn’t fast but I am so grateful her help. We loved the machine so much (and remembered what it did for my sister), we decided to make the purchase so that we could give the gift of health and balance to others.

Fun facts

  • I’ve tried to convince my husband to live in a yurt with me and he keeps saying no (weird)
  • My kids think I am a human napkin
  • I am always wearing a travel tee from an adventure!
  • I’ll never say no to a baked good, I’ll eat them all

Things I focus on

  • Growing closer to my God
  • Connecting with my family
  • Food as medicine
  • Natural living
  • Slowing down life
  • Spending lots of time in nature
The BioScan does not diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The views and stories here are the personal stories and views of the author and not claims of what the Bioscan can do for others.