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Best Camping Gifts for Your Outdoorsy Kids

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camping gifts for kids list with picture of mother and son outside camping and laughing

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Are you looking for the perfect gift for your outdoorsy kids who can’t get enough of outdoor adventures? Well, look no further! Here are the best camping gifts for kids!

We’ve got a list of the best camping gifts that your little explorers will absolutely love, whether it’s for a day trip or a longer camping trip to the national parks. From cool gadgets to fun games, we have gifts for kids of all ages (that the whole family can enjoy).

So, get ready for some outdoor adventures on your next family camping trip with this list of fun camping gift ideas!

little girl camping with family standing in front of bear sign pretending to be scare. camping gifts
Does nature time make you feel like this???

Still not sure how to do all this nature time with your family?

Let’s take a pause then: for some families, all this nature time and outdoor time can feel overwhelming. Usually, for us parents. I have lots of info on getting outside and making that time successful! Check out my article on learning to love nature time here, and on how to start family hiking here. Don’t worry my friends, I got your back! Now on to the best camping gifts for kids!

Our favorite camping gifts for younger kids

Young kids are easier to shop for. Let’s be honest, they would be so excited with a flashlight and a mini toothpaste tube! Maybe that’s just my kids…

But for real, let’s get into some cool camping gifts that your younger kids will be seriously excited about!

Consider Any Personalized Camping Gifts for Kids

Little kids are starting to learn letters and recognize their names (at least the first letter of it), so anything with their name on it is extra special! Think about a special camp chair, a backpack, or a water bottle that you can personalize just for them! Almost anything can be personalized, so as you check out our list, consider personalizing! Etsy had some great options for persnalized camping gifts. Check out my Camping Gift List on Etsy here!

boy hiking during a camping trip with a backpack he got as a camping gift for kids
Spy that backpack! Both my kids love it!


A backpack is the perfect camping gift for little explorers! Not only do young kids love having their very own bag that’s just their size, but they also get a kick out of packing it themselves (and you can get a kick out of what they think is “essential”!). It’s like they’re mini explorers in the making, ready to tackle any adventure that comes their way (and they need a favorite stuffed animal to do it!).

Plus, backpacks come in all sorts of sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect one for your little one. Whether they’re a fan of dinosaurs, unicorns, or plain ol’ stripes, there’s a backpack out there that’ll make their heart sing. So why not treat your little adventurer to a backpack of their own? Trust us, they’ll thank you for it!

Our Favorite Backpacks for Young Kids

Each has multiple color options and features like a built-in hydration pack or extra pockets so you can pick the best fit for your little explorer. Plus, they all have great reviews!

Water bottle

A water bottle is one heck of a fun gift for an outdoorsy kid! For starters, it’s super practical – staying hydrated is key when you’re out exploring the great outdoors. But, kids love to be in control, so having their own water bottle they can carry puts them in control!

Our Favorite Backpacks for Young Kids

We always go for stainless steel for water bottles. I have given you a few different spout options so you can pick what works best for your little one. Also, lots of fun colors to choose from! We opt for the first one, the Camelbak, when our kids were little.

best camping gift for kids: double chair for snuggling. Two kids snuggling on double camp chair
sibblings can use the double chair to snuggle too!

Camp chair

A fun gift is their own camp chair that is just their size! Also, consider a double chair, this way you get some extra snuggles and quality time which is also a great thing!

Our Favorite Camp Chairs for Young Kids

The snuggle chair
Lots of fun and bright colors
Small size and feels cozy
Budget Friendly

Sleeping bag or Cozy Blanket

It is so important for a kid to feel cozy and comfortable while camping whether you are tent camping or RV camping a little extra cozy something for their bed is always a fun option!

Our Favorite Sleeping Bags for Young Kids

3 season simple sleeping bag
Glows in the Dark!
Camp Blanket
Glows in the dark and lots of fun patterns!

Camping Toys and Activities

Our Favorite Camping Toys and Activities

Walkie Talkies!
Outdoor Explorer Kit
Perfect for playing in the dirt
Outdoor game for the whole family!

​Favorite Camping Gifts for Older Children

Some of the options we listed for younger children will work great for older kids too, like the water bottles or backpacks. But, here are some extra ideas for those bigger kids!

Their own tent

This could be a really cool gift for an older kid. Their first solo tent! They are finally big enough to have their own tent (or at least a tent with siblings). Also great for parents to have more space!

Walkie Talkies for older kids

These are the bigger kids’ version of the ones suggested above. Check them out here.

two kids playing in a tent and in their cozy camp blankets and sleeping bags
Everybody loves a tent snuggle!

​Great Gift Ideas the Entire Family Will Enjoy

Ideas from Etsy

I searched through Etsy and made an entire list of family activities (and some personalized gifts too!). Check out my Camping Gift List on Etsy here!

camping gifts for kids list with picture of two kids snuggling in a camp chair

Well, that’s a wrap my fellow explorers of the great outdoors! I hope you enjoyed our list of fun gifts for your little campers. With these unique camping gifts, your young adventurers will have a blast exploring the great outdoors on their next camping trip. Whether they’re playing games, or staying warm with a cozy blanket, these gifts will make their camping experience unforgettable. Happy camping, everyone!

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  1. Love these ideas! My husband was an avid camper growing up and we’d love to give that experience to our kids as well! 🙂

  2. With summer right around the corner, camping is one thing we are trying to do this year. Bringing my 10 year old granddaughter. Now I have to go shopping for some of these great kid camping gifts!

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